I am a product of….

                    …….DISCIPLESHIP… Yep thats right… I grew (and still growing..) as a Christian through descipleship…

                This is my Mentor,  Acel Van Ommen… When did our story began? It was way back 2009.. I am attending a smallgroup (bible group) that time and one sunday evening she also attended that same group where i’m in… Since she is a musician like me I assumed that she would understand me… So I decided to ask her to be my “Mentor”… Maybe you’re asking now “what is this MENTOR MENTOR THING? AND DISCIPLESHIP DISCIPLESHIP?” … hehehe! Well i wont look at any dictionary i will just base this in my experiece…

                Desicpleship for me is helping someone in her…”his” if you are guy.. its safer to desciple someone with the same gender to avoid emotional attachments that may lead “COURTSHIP” or “LIGAWSHIP” in tagalog, thus blurring the DISCIPLESHIP… hehehe..

Okey lets go back to Discipleship… for me its helping someone in his/her walk with the Lord… Being there for the person in times of happiness and sadness, speaking the truth  and rebuking in love… pointing the person(disciple) to the cross for repentace and gratefulness… helping them to know Christ more, not just with words but through your life… A Mentor is the one who does that… its like having a teacher or a leader.. Mentors are called leaders actually… :) 

              Ate Acel did all that i said about discipleship to me… She was there in my downest moment, in my victories, in the middle of confusion she helped me understand… she spoke the truth to me and rebuked me with love… she always points me to the CROSS in times of grieving and triumph.. She helped me to know Christ more not just with words but with her life… 

               Maybe you’re thinking now “Oh Ate Acel is like a superhuman…” no… sometimes i see her cry too… One time she went to my house crying because she had a fight with Kuya Danny (her husband) … Seeing her crying that time didn’t made me think that she is a weak leader… because she’s not… She acknowledges that just like me, she also needs a Saviour and God…

               Its not bad to cry… what’s the use of those little holes that God put in your eyes? Its for crying…(DUH?!?)  But we have a wrong mindset… we think that crying is a sign of weakness that’s why we don’t want to cry.. No… The truth is.. we are weak… we are fragile… and we need God… ” I remember, 3 weeks ago… i screamed at the enemy I am crying so loud, i know Ate Tinay could here me downstairs … i told him… “you see me crying… but I AM NOT DEFEATED!” … I’m crying even now as i write this… hehehe… :’) Because I am not defeated.. Yes sometimes we get hurt… we fall, face first on the floor… Remeber that in those times GOD IS GOING TO BE YOUR STRENGTH… :)  and You already won the moment you come to HIM… :) 

              And I just want to say that… I am extremely inspired by Ate Acel… I wanna be  like her… I wanna be a Mentor who will open up her heart and let her desciples see how God works in her life… :) 

              NOW.. I AM READY… I will become a MENTOR and a leader… I will lead women to Christ… :)

             Wow… i am just reminded right now… That’s what Jesus did with His 12 disciples… 1 Leader.. 12 desciples… = CHANGED HISTORY

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